Miguel Franco Martin
Miguel Franco Martin campaign leader

I found on Facebook few weeks ago, that there is a young girl who loves to kill endangered animals particularly in Africa. Her name is Kendall Jones and according with her own statement on Facebook, she wants to run a show about hunting those animals.
Please help me and other people and organizations to tell Facebook that we are against the killing of endangered animals just for the sake of fun, fame or some sort of recognition. With your help we can make a difference. I started reporting some of her pictures but Facebook does not have an specific policy on animal cruelty and they sent me some emails telling me that those terrible pictures did not violate any of its policies. Fortunately, some days ago, Facebook banned the pictures. Now, I want Facebook to prohibit pictures depicting graphic violence against animals, not just humans. Violence is violence, as simple as that, and animals are beings, not things.
Thanks in advance for your help!



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