Colin Barnett & Woodside Beaten By Community OUTRAGE !

Woodside and partners have retreated from James Price Point. Broome Community members showed that individual voices united not divided can make change. Although Woodside Energy and its associates acknowledge community anger and environmental concerns as its reasons for not proceeding with its Gas Hub and multi user port facility, Colin Barnett and the West Australian Government still insist and search for investors to take Woodsides  place at James Price Point. The West Australian Government intends to extract Gas and mine all of the Kimberley. Corruption and manipulation of government due process is rife in Western Australia and if Australians don't remove these corrupt politicians and finance banking sector criminal kingpins the general and global public will be the BIG LOSERS. Without the stubborn resistance from Broome Community members James Price Point would now be gone, members of the Broome community reached the hearts of thousands of people here in Australia and thousands of people around the globe .Environs Kimberley, Sea Shepherd , Wilderness Society and the No Gas organisations heard the call from thousands and responded helping bring national global attention on the corrupt dealings of Woodside and its partners with the state and federal government. Although Woodside have gone Colin Barnett has compulsory acquired James Price Point and has 10 more years to develop  the biggest industrial hub in the world, while our politicians who are lobbyists for the oil  ,gas, mining and banking-finance are still in power the Kimberley and Australia will never be safe from environmental destruction and resource theft. Thanks for caring and signing our petition now its time to take our petition to our politicians and demand answers and protection of our environment for the children of the future, what will we tell them when its gone ? thanks and stay tuned we are closing the petition but stay committed to help in Saving and Protecting the Kimberley ...thank you all...Craig Doudle

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