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Pétition : STOP aux abus de pouvoir des services vétérinaires !!!!

Anger in Geneva: the cantonal veterinary services are involved in
Geneva to enter 11 pigeon and a crow that treated Béatrice Rondez. They were all euthanized by a principle of precaution. The Geneva cantonal veterinary services landed, 07/07/2014, in the Petit - Lancy (GE) to enter the Béatrice Rondez birds. It is a massacre pure and simple!

"Criminal proceedings are engaged, assured Jérôme Föllmi, to the position of cantonal veterinarian. As to the amount of the fine, it can reach up to CHF 20 ' 000. The services of the Geneva cantonal veterinarian (CSVA) killed pigeons, who were well cared for and healthy. These birds were not locked up, the cages are installed in a veranda and they were always open. Birds returned and came out as they wanted, they were soon ready for a new freedom. We demand cancellation of the repressions against Béatrice Rodez. We are calling for a more humane treatment for animals and their protectors. Stop the repression against animal protection ! 

Petition: STOP the abuse of authority by veterinary services !


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