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I believe that word's are powerful ! when used through media even video (visual), ( Auditory) & (kinastaic) So for me I have been a messed up kid during 1950's there's seems to be a Huge change coming 1960's & a War that should never have been. Common sense & our soldiers were losing all men young and older.We as "The People of United States under God" How's this all going to turn out. The World and all human beings and living organisms HAS caused more harm to ourselves by the system of what PRESIDENT Eisenhower ( who was molded out of being a military man SAID ; beware of the military Complex! Terrified in the world of that time to much power overreacted to create a out of control a War Machine , & very hungry! If I'd say the truth about what can happen in 2 months time ( I sound like a lunatic) but it's upside down ( Those who we elected by apathy or Words can't explain how close Our Country "America" is being lost .please PEOPLE Wake-up.

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