Update #3 ·


Dear friends,
Dave and Beverley Bickerdike were sentenced today for neglecting their animals, a German shepherd (Shiva) two poodles (Chompers and Mr. Tibbs) and a brown tabby cat (Bubba). The animals were in distress when the BC SPCA found them on the Bickerdikes' property, and Mr. Tibbs was so far gone that he had to be euthanized. They were both originally charged under the criminal code and the provincial legislation, but the more serious criminal code charge was dropped for both accused. The Bickerdikes both pled guilty and were sentenced to 10 months probation and a $250 fine. I don't know if there was a ban on owning animals but I will find out, as this couple allegedly have neglected animals in the past. I certainly hope they will not be legally permitted to have any more animals in the future!! I can find nothing in the news about the court hearing but will certainly pass it along if I do.

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