Marlene Watson-Tara
Marlene Watson-Tara campaign leader

Reclaiming your Health Should Mean Exactly That!
To ignore the bulk of literature you have to ignore all the major studies that show an increase in disease and death from low carbohydrate diets (i.e. lacking in wholegrains, vegetables, beans etc.,)
INFLAMMATION IS THE CAUSE OF DISEASE. Inflammation is in fact the body's response to injury. If you injure your body the normal healing reaction from the body is to swell and become inflamed, it’s the result of repeated injury.
The source of repeated injury that we see today from the diseases we suffer from is the result of a diet rich in animal protein, fats and sugar. A diet rich in excess. These very foods are advocated by the NHS to cancer patients. To stop the inflammation, you stop the injury, healing occurs and many times the disease is reversed; it’s nature’s way – it is the natural response to the body TO HEAL…
To heal therefore, you have to stop the repeated injury; change your diet to one of whole natural plant based foods.
Please help me make inroads to this life saving change to dietary recommendations by supporting my campaign.
In good health
Marlene x


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