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Honestly? The meanest dogs on the earth are NOT the Pit Bull breed, it is the tiny dogs breeds. More people have been bitten by ankle biter dogs than pit bulls.

Most attacks upon people by pit bulls are because of the stupidity of people. I have actually seen this.
A friend had a pit bull guard dog. This dog was great, until you got into "its protection territory". There were signs that stated Beware of Dog. If the owner was there, then there was absolutely no problem. I used to hang out with him with my four year old son. My son would play with this dog, pull it's ears, even shove his hand down the dogs throat and all that dog would do is lick my son.

BUT if you went onto that property without the owner being there? Then that dog will do what he was trained to do, protect the property and the occupants.

This idiot thought he knew better...he went into that yard and got almost torn to shreds. Then he decided he was going to sue the owner for his own stupidity. He actually won too and the dog had to be put to sleep on orders of the judge.

This dog was not a vicious dog, this was a dog protecting it's home and master. It thought the guy was going to do harm to it's home so it defended it.

Yet because of a jerk, whom thought he could go onto the property without permission, ignoring the Beware of the Dog sign, the Guardian Dog sign and even common sense and he got ripped up...but then he blamed the dog for being mean and doing what it was trained to do.

I have heard many other stories like is NOT always the dogs fault, they protect their homes...but hey...for protecting their homes, like German Shepherds, Dobermans, etc...the Pit Bull gets a worse rap.

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