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An Important Story That Must Be Told‏

Every spring IAVA brings veterans from around the country to Capitol Hill for two reasons: to launch our Policy Agenda and to start the year swinging - to raise awareness and garner support early. 

In 2010, one of the veterans we brought was a Marine veteran with tours to Iraq and Afghanistan named Clay Hunt. Clay spent the week talking with senators and congressmen, and congressional staffers about how the VA needed to modernize the claims systems. He shared his story of being shot in combat and returning to a VA health care system run on paper - how his multiple inquiries into where his claim process stood garnered no information. One year later Clay lost his battle with PTSD and took his own life.

Clay's story is tragic, and unfortunately, too many of us knew him - or someone just like him. This year IAVA has made it our mission to save as many lives as possible by introducing suicide prevention legislation and getting a bill signed into law. Now, we are closer than ever. Tomorrow the House Veterans Affairs Committee will be hearing testimonies from IAVA, Clay's parents, and from other families of suicide survivors. 

We need your support. Come with us to Capitol Hill tomorrow to let Congress know this is the most important legislation before them and it needs to be passed immediately. 

Details: Join us as as we proudly stand behind Clay's mom as she testifies before Congress. Thursday, July 10th 8:30am Cannon House Office Building, Room 334 Washington, DC [RSVP Link] http://bit.ly/1vT8Axy

Details: Join Clay's Mom, Congressional Leaders, and IAVA to introduce this historic legislation to the world Thursday, July 10th  2:00pm  House Triangle, Southeast Corner of the Capitol Building Washington, DC Look for IAVA Sign Business attire, please [RSVP Link] http://bit.ly/1vT8Axy

More details will be sent late Wednesday to those that RSVP.



Anthony Pike Sr. Programs Associate Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

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