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Making Progress

 I am not good at running campaigns. Only 65 signatures. I was able to uncover more corruption in Kansas. You need to look in your state to see what dentist your DCF / state agency for children and families. DCF is using a dentist who used to be apart of Small Smiles. Here is what I wrote about this:

What Dentist does DCF send Children to?

 While doing research to add more evidence with the signed petition, we received statements from our dental insurance statements for Angel and Catrina. We have been threatened by the court service officer when he found out we still had them on our health and dental insurance. We took them off the dental. The statement gave us the name of the dentist- Dr. David Brown. I researched this dentist online. He was  a  Small Smiles dentist who tied children down and poked them with sharp instruments if the children do not sit still. Why does he still have a license? I found another article. He had a law suit filed because he watches porn while working on children’s teeth. He still has his license. Dr. El-Nabbout was chosen by DCF and Youthville to care for our daughters. CASA for Sedgwick County was involved in our case. I asked for a new volunteer because Ms. Guinan could not be impartial because she knows Jeff and Sheila Crabtree. Kansas Law states doctors and CASA workers cannot loose their license or be sued because of “acting in good faith”- Good Samaritan Law. This only stands if the person does not have all of the information to make an informed decision.. Ms. Guinan, Dr. Bryant, and Dr. El-Nabbout did not act in good faith:   Ms. Guinan(CASA) was given the evidence of civil rights violations and information on their health. abbout did not act in good faith: ct in good faith: :   Dr. El-Nabbout is a pediatric neurologist. He would step in when our daughters’ neurologist was not available. They worked together. He knew about their military records.  DCF and Youthville would not allow the other doctors and medical professionals to look at the military medical records. These professionals refused to change the diagnosis. Angel and Catrina were not allowed to see their specialists anymore because they refused to lie in their medical reports for the court. DCF and Youthville stated military medical care are substandard at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and McConnell Air Force Base Clinic. We were diagnosed with Mitochondrial Myopathy at WRAMC in May 2001.   Dr. Bryant was chosen by DCF and Youthville to do my psychological test. His report has major issues- interviewed social worker instead of reading court documents, had me retake a test because I did not receive the number he expected me to have, and many errors.

We have filed complaints on Dr. El-Nabbout, Dr. Bryant, social workers, attorneys, and the judge. These were dismissed because I complained about how evidence was handled and stated no laws or rights being violated. Here is a short list of the complaints filed:
  Religious Freedom   Disability Rights   Medical Neglect   Untruthful Statements   Education is not the best for our daughters plus we want them to have Christ-centered curriculum   Removed wrongfully through truancy- they were home schooled.

We have evidence for all of the issues on the complaint. Healing Arts Board did start an investigation. DCF and Sedgwick County Juvenile Court stopped it. How many of the professionals, chosen by DCF and foster care, have harmed children? Why are these professionals being protected? Do they know who the head of the corruption is?

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