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So many of us have dogs who live in a home full of love and admiration. I live in a huge 55+ community and many of us find that we give our dogs the same amount of love as they give us. That being said, I shutter when I think about the puppies who are treated as nothing more than a profit for the owner. These dogs are not getting the proper nutrition, socialization, or guidance not to mention absolutely no love. As a result puppies who are sold are maladjusted, insecure and sometime aggressive. Not all new owners are aware that the problems are not the dogs so they mistreat the dog by trying harsh ways to make the puppy behave. After an owner mistreats the puppy out of frustration, the dog is sent to a shelter with the label "bad dog". In many cases these pups are abused and misunderstood at least by two sources - the puppy mill and the frustrated owner. Before the pup is a year old, he/she has known only abuse through no fault of his/her own.
As for puppy mill inspectors who turn their heads to this abuse, they need to be fired immediately. I believe any organization is just about as good as the people in charge. I believe this organization needs a huge shake up. Leaders who allow their employees to do as they please need to hit the road. Or another way to handle this problem would be for the inspectors who are sincere about doing their jobs to the best of their ability need to get together and protest this problem. Oh how easy it is to pass the buck. There are two ways to live our lives: responsibly or just go with the flow. "Just going with the flow" is not good enough, we each have many wonderful attributes so lets get our heads out of the sand and stand up to whoever or whatever system has allowed such a horrific term as "puppy mills" to become reality.
Shame on all of us!!

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