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UPDATE: MayDay PAC reaches $5 million goal

Dear Friends, 

Yesterday, our friend Lawrence Lessig and his MayDay PAC reached an amazing goal, crowdfunding $5 million to unseat politicians who oppose anti-corruption reforms. Lessig's PAC now has $12 million amassed for this year's mid-term election.   

And it matters because we know that politicians won't fix our broken political system if we just ask nicely. We have to force them, and consequences on Election Day are the only way to do that.    

We're actively supporting MayDay PAC because it is exactly what's needed while Represent.Us simultaneously enlists millions of activists and passes robust anti-corruption laws in cities and states across the nation. Both of these strategies must succeed in order for all of us to win. In that way, MayDay and Represent.Us are teammates in an exciting new approach to fixing America's corrupt political system.   

Represent.Us plans to put anti-corruption laws and resolutions on the ballot in a few key cities this fall, more next year, and far more in 2016. I'll send you more about that in coming months. But for now, lets celebrate July 4th weekend with a big congrats to our friends at MayDay PAC!   



Josh Silver, Director

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