Terry Holt
Terry Holt campaign leader

Surviving Any Surgery With No Health Insurance!
Pause for a minute, think about your response if at moments notice you were met with the possibility of not living to see tomorrow.

What would you be thinking? Would it be about your family and how much you love them? Would it be if I survive this experience, how will it affect me or the future of the ones that I adore so much?

In 2010, Terry had quadruple open-heart by-pass surgery with no insurance and struggled with those thoughts when rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

A divorcee, Terry lost the love of his life though believing they would spend a life of happiness together, was now faced with another dilemma, complication from Cardiovascular Disease & Strokes.

Terry was a homeowner, has three children who loved him and a grandfather of four at the time. He shared wonderful times with friends and family. President of GSP Live, an audiovisual company he had garnered much respect from his work partners and clients because of his hard work and ethical practices. Life was good before the tragic chain of events that changed his life forever, he was happy and believed he was healthy Until… Heal Care Reform came to become law.

As the ambulance sped to the hospital, thoughts raced through his mind, flashing also the details of his funeral. If the attempt to save his life failed, would his kids have enough money to bury him? He contemplated this because he knew with his recent divorce came the loss of his medical insurance coverage that his then wife had through her job for the family.

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