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Defense attorney stole his client's business records!


Advocates pushing for reform of the justice system say that many U.S. states need to fix their laws to prevent prosecutorial misconduct, so that mistakes by district attorneys don’t send innocent people to prison.


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The North Carolina Department of Justice and the State House can no longer sit complacent while innocent people are victimized by bullying in the courtroom through misrepresentation, deliberate violations of the state and federal laws, the willful withholding of exculpatory evidence of his own client's actual innocence of charges faced, the willfully misleading information he provided the North…

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Bullying in the courtroom is based on a protected characteristic derived from anti-discrimination legislation, we refer to it as "discriminatory harassment. Bullying is also a criminal offense. Bullying in instant case must be prosecuted using a variety of US Criminal Code articles, including intentional or negligent bodily injury, duress, defamation and baseless insult causing petitioner…

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