Update #1 ·

Update #1

Dear Supporters of the Arunachala World Heritage Site Initiative,

I deeply appreciate your signing this petition. Your commitment to this cause is the inspiration for myself and other volunteers to continue to work diligently and energetically towards our goal.

Please see the main site at http://arunachalawhs.com (the Recent Posts section) for ongoing news on the project. We are pursuing a new strategy based on a mobile phone app that will bring in money to fund preservation activities. For more information on the mobile phone project, see http://eguidegp.wordpress.com.

It is extremely helpful to point people to this online petition with your names on it as a key piece of evidence of international support for declaring Arunachala a World Heritage Site. Thank you for your support!

Peter Berking

Chief Coordinator of the Arunachala World Heritage Site Initiative


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