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Hello Everyone who signed the Petition ...

Hello Everyone who signed the Petition ...

I would like to say thank you once again to each and every one of you. Also I would like everyone to know that I changed the section in Causes where the petition is categorized; it had been in Environment, and I switched it to Animals. I did this so perhaps as people search the categories, different people will become aware of, and sign the petition.

Also, I certainly do not want to require more and more from the dedicated people who have already signed, however, if each person could take the link to the petition and share it, and post it into a couple of places, we could really get closer to the TNAOV Goal of 10,000 signatures. I know that from a world of approximately Seven Billion People, we can get 10,000 signatures.

Peace to all who support the "Stop The Abuse Of Horses, And Stop The Slaughter Of Horses" 2013 - 2015 The National Association Of Veterinarians Campaign.

Dr. Stone, Tampa, Florida, 07/04/2014.


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