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Thanks My Friends. I'm certain many of You are familiar with much of the following information, but it largely represents my reasoning for wanting the U.S. to halt all diplomatic and financial dealings through the U.N. The U.S. should be forming its special alliances with those nations it truly knows desire real freedom.

I thank You so very much for taking action in this matter.

The UN is the most anti-American organization in existence today, which is no wonder since one of its earliest progentitors and organizers was a known communist serving as a top aide to FDR, Alger Hiss. He set up the UN intially with all enforcement powers going to the Soviet Union, and all the U.S. was "given" besides a vote was the heavy end of the financial burden.

80 to 88 % of the time the Asian, Middle Eastern and South American bloc nations vote against U.S. interests, and now, an even more insidious, vile and evil body has formed within this U.N. under the guise of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a 57 member organization comprised of Islamic nations, that is in direct opposition to western civilization, democratic ideas and freedom across the globe. And yet, the U.S. essentially enables its enemies and cooperates in the destruction of America by gjving these fascists safe harbor and a base of operations in New York at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

It is a long time coming and way past due for the American people to remove these anti-American agents of tyranny, despotism and marxofascist transnationalism from Her shores and from our presence forever. Take one more step to ensure America's safety and continued freedom and demand that Congress remove the U.S. from U.N. membership and expel the U.N. from our sovereign territory. God Bless America and May He Keep Her Free for Eternity.

de Oppresso Liber___ Sin Cera, Justin O Smith

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