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Alvina Ropata Edwards campaign leader

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This petition considers the required criteria of the Hamilton City Council ‘Petitions Policy’.

The purpose of this petition is to demonstrate that the citizens of the city do not want water metering and or water privatisation within the boundaries of Hamilton City.

Pursuant to the policies strategic alignment;

•This city is to be led by effective open and responsive governance therefore we assume they will hear and respond to our plea not to consider water metering and or water privatisation in the city boundaries.

•Our city operates efficiently and provides exceptional services, this includes the consideration of alternative options and other possibilities regarding water usage.

•Our city must grow and prosper in a sustainable way; and celebrate our peoples and many cultures therefore this must include the many communities that would feel the impact of water metering and or water privatisation.

The argument behind this petition is that it is read in the spirit of equity and efficiency. Equity is defined in two parts. First, it requires fulfilling a defined need, which in this case consists of access to drinking water and in sufficient volume. Second, fairness involves respecting the ability to pay. Water is essential to life and the aqueduct is an essential service offered to all. Therefore, we must take into consideration the financial ability of citizens to pay.

Taking into account all the facts demonstrated so far, it is easy to understand that putting in water meters is opening wide open the door to privatisation. The aqueduct is privately managed, the price of water will depend on profits. Water is an essential good which cannot be substituted.

The failures of the privatisation of water around the world have been well documented. In the past decades, several towns i.e. Auckland privatised their aqueduct systems because of the lack of public funds and in the hope that private management would be more efficient. Private companies have only one goal: profit. It is a legitimate goal, but it is inappropriate for something such as water.

We need to settle all cases of over consumption first, identify large commercial, industrial and institutional consumers. We must address the issue of storage, losses and leaks in our network because these are the main reasons for the squander of water. We must also roll out alternative building and household options, along with educational resources to all households, which will settle this problem than diving head first into metering and or privatisation.

According to Hamilton City Council Petitions Policy –

1.This petition MUST Comprise of 100 or more signatures of residents of Hamilton City, inclusive of the principal petitioner, all being eligible voters on the Electoral Roll for Hamilton City.

2. Include name and address details and signatures.

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