James McBurney
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The Patriot Act is just another way of cercomveting the constitution and taking away our rights. It is also slowly turning our country into a police state. Everywhere you go there is a camera watching you, each year the take away more of your rights to privacy in the name of homeland security. 9-11 was 13 years ago but every time they pass a new law to limit you freedom they bring it up. It is time to bring home our troops and use our own resources including coal, We can build clean burning coal powered plants if we put our mind to it. Instead we just close them so we have to reley on oil from the middle east. What we need to do is use our own oil an gas instead of passing law to make it imposable to do so. There is a lot os way this country can become energy sufficient if we would stop passing laws that make it too costly and also cost thousands or jobs. The people or this country better wake up an stop vocal groups before the lights go out, an that time is coming sooner than you think

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