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Two naked, upscale young white people are hungry. They are surrounded by plenty, but their only thoughts are "Meat". They "find" a Hamerkops nest, push over a cliff, and bash the immature chicks inside. The birds are killed by holding them and then smashing them on the ground. They are cooked and eaten. And this is in the name of TV ratings and advertising fees. These participants in a so-called reality show were not near death. They put themselves into this show. A show, on Discovery Channel, and produced by Renegade 83 (whose other "hit" shows are all soft-porn).

These birds were killed to pander to a blood-lust audience of primarily white males.

This is for ratings and money, not for hunger or survival.

If these scenes were posted on YouTube or Facebook, authorities would be brought in immediately. So why is it ok to brutally kill things for family entertainment?

And these were baby birds. Of a very interesting species, the Hamerkops. These young birds deserved more in life than being killed and eaten for an audience.

Shame, Discovery Channel. Shame, Renegade 83. Shame, USA, for participating in this garbage and disturbing behavior.

Getting thrills by killing baby birds is not manly, patriotic, or educational. It is brutality for money.

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