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LGBT Voice Tanzania campaign leader

Fadhili Hassan 24yrs out Gay was rescued by a good samaritan after a merciless attack by Homophobic people who wanted to kill him because he is Gay.
He states`` I was walking on my way to Kijitonyama to meet my friend, i felt like someone was touching my back, then I turned back to see who was touching me, I saw 2 people and they started beating me. I could not defend myself I only fell on the ground crying out for help but there was no one, one of the attackers.
They had a knife and they wanted to kill me but suddenly some two people were coming and they saw what was happening then the attackers ran away, these people helped me, I went to Oyster Bay police reported the incidence they gave me PF3 and went to (MICO) a private Hospital for treatment. What surprises me most is that none of the attackers has been arrested yet the attackers are identical.""
This is the typical life of Gay people in tanzania, we have to go through all these.

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