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this young 14 year old adage is true. It is Togolese and has no father and mother. Bright KPOHA apparently art and talent in his blood. This child is able to make your own portrait in less than 15 minutes, just by looking you in the face. And if you give him a picture or any your photo you will be amazed. This is to encourage, promote and seek to do including producers this young but great artist that officials of the International Festival of Films and Arts Development decided to invite him to the 2012 edition of which FIFARD will be held from 10 to 17 November 2012 in Lomé and other cities of Togo. "I started drawing very early, already at a very young age, I loved to draw all those I met and photos that m ' interested. I can see people on TV and draw or photograph them or see them in front .... I do not know how it happens, but it is spontaneous. It comes to me like that that I do not think. What I regret is the death of my parents. I'm an orphan ... It's a shame. I'm in 5th, I am 14 years old. But I like to draw. I can draw everything I see. Perhaps too this is my gift from God. People say that I draw well. Me too I am pleased. I believe that one day I will become a great artist. In any case, it is my desire me too, "said the child genius in his native language (Ewe) mixed with a few French words. FIFARD officials explained the reasons for the invitation by the desire to promote the talents of the child, present it to the world and elicit reactions of goodwill who want to help the child succeed in his studies and art and to develop more. And when journalists push the curiosity and wonder of the young Bright KPOHA tell his dream, he answered simply:'' draw one day all the great personalities of my country and the world and put their picture if possible.'' The FIFARD is a multidisciplinary international festival that takes its program among others: activities training workshops in art, cinema, theater, dance, visual arts, carnival and many others. Nadège Laverte Plume Libre
if anything,please contact me by facebook:bright kpoha.

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