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Our Documentary is an Emmy Award Winner!!

Hi All,

We've got some great news! We recently learned that our documentary film on immigration, DREAM: An American Story, has won two National Capital Region Emmy Awards!

Five years in the making, our documentary chronicles the trials and tribulations of Juan Gomez, an exceptional undocumented immigrant, who struggles to achieve the American Dream under constant threat of deportation.

It fills us with pride (myself and the entire DREAM Team) to be recognized with such a prestigious award and we can't wait for you to see the film...which takes me to my next point.

For the last couple of months, we have been preparing to embark on a 25-city national screening tour and we will be providing you with all the details within the next couple of weeks...so be on the lookout for that message.

In the meanwhile I wish all of you a great weekend and a great 4th of July holiday. May we never forget, during this special celebration, that we are a nation of immigrants!

Yours in the fight to get sensible immigration reform passed,

Aldo Bello

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