Julia De Cadenet
Julia De Cadenet campaign leader

Dog Meat Trade Survivor ( currently at Dogs Mountain in the Philippines).
Despite legislation in place banning this cruel trade the practice continues! Last week in China, there was a brutal festival to slaughter dogs and cats. In July and August ,the hottest days of the year South Korea ( who demand torture before slaughter) will watch live killings with a smile.
This can not continue! The NoToDogMeat campaign has been working to push for the issue to be heard in governments. We now have a chance in the UK. Let's get the US government to follow suit.
Please everyone sign this petition ( link below) and reconfirm your signature. 100,000 in one month. Not much to ask for dogs and cats begging for their lives!

Thankyou !
World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade is a UK registered charity 1154524. We run the NoToDogMeat campaign
twitter @NoToDogMeat

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