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The positive power you'll unleash by aiding us in this time of urgent need is unimaginable. I wasn't really alive when I connected with her online. I was kind of coasting along. We hit it off, but she as in a relationship. I didn't believe her - maybe I didn't want to - 'cause (Kiki/Sri Ayu) was so great; smart, lively, the complete package. Anyway, we parted ways for a while, then one day we reconnected. She didn't have that same spark. I was concerned about her. She had broken up with her boyfriend of 5 years. I wasn't happy about that, even though her being single was a definite plus. Anyway, I'd fallen for her when we first met. Out of respect, I left her alone. Hate pretending I wasn't floored by her inner and outer beauty, sense of humor, intelligence, warm-heartedness, etc. When I'd heard se had cancer, I wished I could be with her. I was working security at the time, but no matter how I felt about her, we weren't going to be able to be together right away. Many months went by, and we were on webcam practically 24/7. We decided not to delay the inevitable, getting married and starting a life together, so we set the date for May 21 - the same day her adoptive parents were married - in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. She'd gotten a scholarship to study Early Childhood Education/Development, and I'd been offered an English teaching job - which eventually turned out not to be a reliable offer. So we were happy, in love, planning our big American Dreams goals, then five months later, she began to get sick again. What we'd experience over the next eight months can only be described as a health care nightmare fully realized. What I'd expected from being an American, where the health standards and practices are routinely comforting, and, from my experience, conducive to one's well being. What I experienced, till somewhat recently, I'll say could only be compared to a facility run by 'petty criminals' in the 1950s. So now we're still dealing with whether or not Kiki will be bale to be treated in a timely manner. SWhe we run out of funds, she has to wait while the tumors grow and spread. Then, through a process of temporary fixes, she is prescribed pain killers, steroids, gastric medication, whatever will subdue the pain of (tumor) growth, constant vomiting, sleeplessness, etc. The stress on our marriage is something I won't go into, but I'll just say is significantly damaging. Revealing such intimate details used to bother me, but we're at the mercy of complete strangers who seem to require us being as forthright as possible. We planned on being a public couple, but not so soon, and not under such circumstances. The organizations here in Malaysia responsible for assisting Kiki financially have, for the most part, been extremely unhelpful. I'm not fluent in Malay, so Kiki has had to make calls to remind people that she's still here requiring them to do their jobs. The lack of basic customer service etiquette and training in general is frustrating, to say the least. This is the case in Malaysia across the board. It's rare to come across anyone who'll do their job correctly, and with any sense of purpose. Many times, it appears that those we've called aren't really interested in helping anyone but themselves. It's a sad reality, and one we do not embrace or accept. So Kiki's cancer is at Stage 4. It's full name is, Stage 4 Diffused Large B-cell CD20+ Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The delays in proper diagnosis, treatment, follow though in procedures, indifference in attitude (etc.) have brought us to this complicated "Stage". Sure, life "isn't always fair", but there's a point when PEOPLE aren't fair, and this where we insist the line is drawn. We've had enough MIStreatment coupled with the fact that we're outnumbered when it comes to the queues of violators of decent conduct. We're immune to the "good Muslims" and "good Christians", and the rest, who claim to care, but turn their backs in disinterest when it comes time to "do the right thing".

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