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Part of the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States, a Pledge passed by Congress, states that we are, " one nation under God." In saying this what have 'We the People' said? I suggest that it means that we are a people guided by the rules and traditions of Nature's God, the Creator in Judeo-Christian philosophy. In nature we see in both plant and animal kingdoms male and female. We do not see a continuance of an organism between male and male or female and female relationships in nature. Those relationships exist as outliers, as deviants, not the norm. In nature they are not sustainable, and do not occur in the regular normal part of nature's cycles or systems.
Marriage is a sacred union between a man and woman ordained or established by Nature's God. It creates a complete family unit by bringing together two separately distinct human sets of social and biological characteristics. Since marriage between a man and a woman is what Nature's God established, it is what should be recognized as special above all other unions in our nation under God.

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