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THE LATEST UPDATE: via https://www.facebook.com/pages/Duo-Duo-Animal-Welfare-Project-%E5%A4%9A%E5%A4%9A/380841222033262

June 21, 2014: We had a long day today at the Dog Meat Festival in YuLin. There are some disturbing sights here. Sadly, the Dog Meat Festival still took place but the event was on a smaller scale than previous years. In addition, we helped to get banned the killing of live dogs on the street. The media has converged here representing 60 domestic and international agencies. There have also been several tense confrontations through out the day (photo 1) . While there is country-wide and international condemnation of the festival, the YuLin government is still proceeding with the event. The government claims that this event is not run by them and that they cannot prevent people from having their own parties.

However, the outrage in China is growing with the additional media exposure. In the attached photo (photo 2), we see a widely circulated cat flyer called "YuLin, The Shame of China" . The third image pays a solemn tribute to the dogs who have been butchered during the festival. The phrase "6-21" has been used as a signature of many protests here as a reminder that June 21st is the date of the festival.

Additional progress has been made this year through the work of the on-the-ground activists and legal channels. Based on the official reports, the sale of the dog meat has dropped dramatically. Because of our efforts, 17 of the dog meat restaurants were closed and four dog meat restaurants were discovered to not have the proper licenses and were shut down. The local police officials reported they took care of 12 cases involving dog theft which confirmed our reporting to authorities that many of the vendors are engaging in the illegal activity of stealing dogs from their homes. The local agricultural department reported that they worked with the highway patrol and prevented 2 large trucks loaded with over 2,000 dogs from arriving at the festival. These lives were spared.

As I mentioned, the festival is much smaller than previous years because of all of the activism from within China and internationally causing negative press. I visited the dog meat market this morning and I was told that during the previous year, the dog meat displayed in the meat market stalls were piled up like a small hill. Fewer animals were taken this year (photo 4). We really are making more people aware of what is happening which is having a positive effect on the decrease of the festival.



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