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A few years ago as a weekend job, I used to work at a egg farm for roughly 8 hours a weekend. I have seen first hand the conditions of the chickens that are caged in these barns. The chickens would be caged with 4 or 5 chickens in a cage, never seeing the light of day, not being able to eat insects and forge and to be a healthy looking chicken. As part of my job I would have to walk the isles and search for dead chickens each day. The number never seemed to be lower than 50 and easily could go well over 100 chickens a day at times. If a dead chicken was not found right away in a cage, the other chickens would even peck at the dead chicken further contaminating that chicken and the eggs it laid. These are truly horrific conditions these chickens are kept in and from my first hand experience I fully support this cause!

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