Jack Cunningham
Jack Cunningham campaign leader

Carmakers wait until there are deaths before they fix a problem.

Why can't KIA just fix this extremely dangerous problem for good.

RECALL: KIA Sedona minivans with electric sliding doors. Without a warning, the electric sliding doors can open while diving and locked. Yes, NO warning.

This KIA Sedona model was recalled for this, but the recall fix did not work. The doors still open, while ...diving and locked. (Think a moment what could happen...)

Years ago, I bought a new KIA Sedona. It is not a cheap car. Each electric sliding door had to be fixed by KIA numerous times, yet the extremely dangerous problem still happens. As I already wrote, the recall did not even work. The opening doors have been happening, since there was only 14,500 miles on the car. Every time, KIA fixed a door, they informed me it was fixed for good.

Now, every time, the problem happens after the warranty, KIA is willing to fix it at the owner's expense. This problem is too dangerous for KIA to play milking games. If they can NOT fix the problem for good than they should notify the public to surrender the minivans.

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