Update #21 ·

With Gratitude we continue to push for the release of Imam Jamil Al-Aminamil

The response on behalf of Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown) has been commendable and on behalf of the Imam I thank you all.  Still there is much to do as we need the calls and signatures to continue until our beloved Brother has received the required medical attention he is required as a human being and prisoner of the federal system.  His release is paramount and we will not cease until he is  returned to us and his family a free man.  We have made progress, continue the efforts no matter how small, call, write, publicize, hold rallies, and keep the Imam's name, continuesly  in the media's eye.  Thank you those who continue to support this most critical effort for he who fought to make life better for us all.

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