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Last few days to speak out for the dogs in China

say NoToDogMeatSummer Solstice is approaching and despite huge opposition world wide and the amazing work of activists,there is still no confirmation that the YuLin Lychee "dog eating festival' will not take place.

Can you speak out? post / tweet media and press world wide?


No action is ever too small for the dogs and cats begging for their lives

On Tuesday 17th our charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the meat trade delivered a formal letter of opposition to this heinous cruelty ( which is not a tradition- the festival only gained momentum in the 1990's to the Chinese Prime Minister in London who met with the Queen and David Cameron.

NoToDogMeat ( our campaign recognised by WSPA) has been protesting all week.

Please support our work. Visit our site for petitions to sign and free posters to download.

Please donate what you can! There are so many to save and it is never too late.




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