Thenationalassociationof Veterinarians

The National Association of Veterinarians, otherwise known as TNAOV is very involved with collaborating with veterinarians throughout The United States in order to establish camaraderie, maintain professionalism, and ensure exemplary care for animals of all sizes, and in each kingdom, phylum, and class.

In the past fifteen years we at TNAOV have endeavored to establish and maintain an advocacy for all animals, and particularly cats, dogs, and horses.

Within The United States, prior to 2007, three major equine slaughter houses operated in the United States; Dallas Crown, in Kaufman, Texas; Beltex Corporation in Fort Worth, Texas; and Cavel International, in DeKalb, Illinois.

We at The National Association of Veterinarians are extremely concerned that there are certain factions who desire to implement legislation to once again make it legal to operate (Slaughter Houses) Within The United States, and We At TNAOV Want To Block These Efforts.

Please Sign The Petition.

When we reach 10,000 signatures, the actual signatures are going to be mailed to President Barack Obama, Congress, and Senate.

Thank You, Sincerely.

The National Association Of Veterinarians
Dr. Damian Stone

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