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BREAKING: President Obama will soon pick up his pen!

For the past two years, GetEQUAL and our community of organizers have worked tirelessly for the most basic protections we can ask from our government, and we are about to finally see a historic day for the LGBTQ community -- President Obama will soon sign an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating against LGBTQ individuals!

In our work to ensure that President Obama made good on his campaign promise to sign this executive order, GetEQUAL activists risked arrest, crashed fundraisers, and even interrupted the White House Easter Egg Hunt in order to stand up for ourselves and our families. This victory belongs to every single person who has signed a petition, made a call, withheld donations, or put their body on the line so that the nearly 25% of Americans who work for federal contractors will have these workplace protections. 

We wanted to let you know the news and to briefly celebrate -- but we have just a few weeks to ensure that this executive order doesn’t contain exemptions for religiously-affiliated groups that would drive a big hole through the middle of it. Federal contractors are paid with taxpayer money -- and using taxpayer money to pay for discrimination is simply wrong. We know the religious right is already putting up a fight about this, and we must do the same! 

Sign this petition, insisting that President Obama keep religious exemptions out of the executive order: https://www.causes.com/getequal-obama-keep-exempt...

We’ll deliver your signature to the White House next week, and we want to include as many voices as possible -- sign the petition today to make sure that we secure equality without asterisks! 

For years, we have heard the same lines over and over again -- that legislation is the only answer, that executive action isn’t the way forward...we even heard from John Boehner that LGBTQ Americans are already protected from discrimination in the workplace (which is clearly a lie!). But we know the truth -- that it is never the wrong time to push for what we know we need and for what we know we deserve. 

Sign this petition, insisting that President Obama keep religious exemptions out of the executive order:  https://www.causes.com/getequal-obama-keep-exempt...

Power concedes nothing without demand, 

Heather Cronk, Co-Director

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