Update #2 ·

Herbal Storage...

Do you grow and dry herbs?

If so, please scour garage sales and thrift shops for mason and cork topped jars.

I have picked up mason jars for as low as 25 cents.

It might take some time and pickings might be scarce at first, but once you get going, it's addictive.

Wash in hot water to sterilize and enjoy helping do your part to reuse, recycle and reduce.

**Please note...be careful using jars that have contained things like bath salts (the kind that go in the tub) or anything else that might leave a residue. These will retain a scent/residue and might not be conducive for use for food. I've had some that not matter how many times I washed them, they still smelled like whatever was in them. I simply put Epsom salts or other bath items back in them.


Have fun!

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