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About two weeks ago I had received 'Advice Of Delivery' in the mail concerning the letter I had written to the UK PM David Cameron. Here is what I had written .....

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

Though I may not be a resident of the United Kingdom, I am a resident of the Commonwealth of Australia, and therefore I am eligible to make a proposal.

Originally, a little over 2 years ago, I had begun campaigning for Britain’s most influential band to ever come out of the UK since The Beatles.

 I am of course speaking of Black Sabbath, the pioneers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. After a year of campaigning I was informed by the Honours and Secretariat that it would be highly unlikely that the whole band would be able to receive a knighthood and to best concentrate my efforts on the prominent member of the band.  Which is why I have been campaigning for Ozzy Osbourne for over a year now. I believe that John Michael Osbourne should receive a knighthood for his ‘Services to Music’ over the last four decades. He is the most highly recognised and the most well-known British public figure, who though lives in Los Angeles most of the time, always comes back to his homeland. Having property on UK soil and frequently heading over to his hometown for Christmas and other family occasions. He cares very deeply for his homeland and is very proud of where he comes from. Being the fourth of six children of working class couple John Thomas ‘Jack’ Osbourne and Lillian Osbourne, it was a tough upbringing in Industrial Birmingham in the late 40’s and 50’s yet he still continues to come back and always speaks very highly of his place of birth. Having had countless successful albums with Black Sabbath, his solo career and now once again with Black Sabbath, he continues to bring joy to millions the world over. 

He has raised money for many charities, and has performed for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family for the Royal Jubilee Concert as well as The Royal Variety Performance. He was the first one to receive a star on the Broad Street Birmingham Walk of Stars back in 2007, and this year it will be the 7th Anniversary of when this honour took place.

I have a petition running on causes.com called ‘KNIGHT OZZY OSBOURNE’ and have decided to have the 7th Anniversary of that day as the target date of the closing of the petition. I have so far gathered 13,476 signatures and hope to have fulfilled my target of 20,000 or perhaps more by the time the petition draws to a close on the 6th Of July this year.

So I take this opportunity to please consider Mr John Michael ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne for a Knighthood. Thank you for your precious time and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Kind Regards,

Helen Maidiotis.

Enclosed I have some copies of letters that a friend of mine had received from Her Majesty’s Office as well as The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke of Edingburgh and from the Cabinet Office, when he wrote to Buckingham Palace about our nomination for Ozzy Osbourne

This afternoon, I received a reply from '10 Downing Street', and would like to share it with everyone!!


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