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1/2 Million signatures to "Nobody touch the Dog"

Dear friends,

thank you all for this great result. We reached now 500,000 signatures to our International petition "Nobody touch the Dog" to Stop Dogs slaughters and Dog meat trade and consumption in China, really a great result.

Many of you asked us to take an action even for Cats, so we started, with our Australian Ambassador, a new petition "Nobody touch the Cat" with more than 13,500 signatures in just 2 weeks, really an incredible beginning.

Summer is coming, and if you want to be a live testimonial of our petition, you can buy our '500,000 signatures special edition T-shirt' with the QR-code on the back, that leads to the page to sign the petition. 

It's a great present for all your kin and friends who love pets.

With your donations we will lead again our online advertisment program Would you eat your best friend? on main Chinese portals, Facebook and International networks to raise public awareness of the Chinese against the consumption of Dog meat in China.

We believe that the awareness, to get a law on the protection of Dogs at national level, must start from the bottom.

Yes WE CAN! We can STOP them, but only all together!

We'll not stop until we'll reach our goals!

To become an AnimalsTrust member you can go to this page: http://www.animalstrust.org/?page_id=1088

Thank you for signing and sharing both petitions.

Please don't forget to join to our dedicated Facebook group: "Nobody touch the Dog" to give us more strength and International weight and to share our updates on your FB walls.

Follow us even on Twitter: https://twitter.com/animalstrust or visit our FB official page.

Sergio Barbesta - President & Founder

www.animalstrust.org - the animals' voice!


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