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[LINK FIXED] Aurora victim's dad: "How can you live with yourselves? You guys could change overnight, all you have to do is have the courage to stop."

Take a look at this short, amazing clip of Alex Teves's parents, in the midst of their grief, speaking insightfully on a root cause of their son's death. He was shot while shielding his girlfriend from gunfire in an Aurora theater.

Conscience and courage are enough for some of the media to do the right thing. The rest will continue to milk the profit out of each killing until we provide enough leverage and force.

When I visit shooting related articles to comment and spread awareness, there's a comment already at the top pointing the finger back at the press.  

But we need more than isolated comments. We need petitions, and organizations, watchdog groups. We need:

  • Signatures - share this petition through causes.com to all of your friends, through email, on message and comment boards, on the street
  • Viral image to make the case painfully obvious - are you the person who can make it?
  • Connections - contact public figures, non-profits, and the media themselves

We are coming with the publicity, with the force of people united in an undeniable, nonpartisan cause, demanding the media stop feeding murderous monsters.

Do your part to help stop the next tragedy before it starts, and eventually there will be no major media left who will dare promote murder by promoting murderers.

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