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This matters to me because love doesn't ask for your citizenship status. Love doesn't care which country you were born in or why you are in the US.
We allow convicted felons who are stripped of their rights as a citizen (I.e. No passport, no voting) to regain their rights if they prove they are changed.
Why can't we forgive when someone comes here wanting to give their family a fighting chance at life? Do you know how expensive our process is? I do. I am paying a fortune to keep my family together.
Look at the website. Look how much it costs to file an I-765 (petition for a work permit). It's $380 a year, plus an $85 fee to have biometrics done (even if you have current records from your doctor that you saw with the health insurance you pay for) plus pictures ($20 at Walgreens).
To ask the government to adjust the status after marriage to a citizen if you were once undocumented, even if they are aware now that you are here, the I-485 form is $985 +$85 for the biometrics, again.
Not to mention the legal fees that go along with it. It's absolutely crazy!
This is why it matters. There should be a direct path. There should be an easy to follow process. The USCIS customer service is a joke. They can never give you true accurate information. Even the IRS can give information correctly.
The process is daunting even with my college education. I have had to pay lawyers to just read some of my forms to make sure I filled them out correctly. This is insane!
Imagine if I were forced out of school at the age of 9 to take care of my parents home and help around the house. Then I come here to help get money to send back for my family only to end up getting stuck in the system. How do you expect someone without an education to understand any of this process? Or expect them to be able to pay a lawyer plus all of our insane fees?
This broken system is why we need to have the comprehensive reform. We need to stand up and use our voices for those in the shadows who cannot for fear of deportation and ultimately their death.
So stand with us and make a difference.

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