Jae Perez-Kim
Jae Perez-Kim campaign leader

I was once a victim of domestic violence. My partner at that time got very angry and decided to attack me with very sharp object. I was lucky enough to take control of the situation and said very seriously that if this doesn't stop immediately, I'll be forced to call police.

Luckily I had my own car parked outside so I was able to drive away and I no longer remember what happened that night, whether I went back home or went to a hotel. Either way, my story ends there. I got lucky. And it’s scary to think what could have happened.

Imagine, if someone in similar situation wasn’t as fortunate as I was. What if they didn't have their own car parked outside nor have cash/credit card available for a night or two at the hotel or transportation to get to their friend/family’s place. (Remember often times abuser holds all financial keys) What do you think they will choose to do? Especially in difficult financial times, these are type of questions we need to ask.

We are helping to make sure those who are brave enough to break the silence will have a place to go. State/County’s shelter programs sometimes get full and usually can’t provide overnight stay at off-site location before they can get to shelter or transportation cost. My wife and I started Clear Charity to change that.

First step is raise awareness & LEARN THE FACTS.

Will you help? Or will you walk away because you think you’ll never be 1 in 3 (or 1 in 4)?

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