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As Medical Director of The Health and Wellness Institute Cancer Research Group, Dr. Catanzaro’s passion is on integrative treatment designs that amplify the immune systems defense against cancer. He has written Cancer; An Integrative Approach and is working on forthcoming books on Understanding Immune Enhancing Vaccines and Redirecting Cancer Treatment. He has published numerous works in related health areas and has been practicing cancer treatments since 1996.

On January 29th 2014, Dr. John Catanzaro was presented with papers from the State of Washington that forced him to immediately stop all Cancer Treatment and surrender his License because of a complaint made by a large Cancer Institute in the Seattle area. This was a devastating blow to Dr. John and his cancer patients.
Personalized Cancer treatments for 11 patients had to be thrown away resulting in them not only being stripped of their hope for a better way to fight cancer but the loss of over $175,000 that was spent on developing the the treatments.
Dr. John is currently in the middle of a very large battle with the State of Washington to get his ability to practice medicine back and also the ability to give hope to the cancer patients that were looking for a better option of cancer care. He needs your help.

What We Need & What You Get

Dr. John is in need of $300,000 to afford the legal fees associated with fighting the state ($75k), pay back the patients who lost their money ($175k), and catch up on the bills the business has acquired while Dr. John had been suspended from practicing ($50k). We added the extra for the fees associated with this process.
We don't have great new cool gadgets to give away but thats not what this is about. We are doing this to help our patients fight for cancer, and help Dr. John continue his life's work. All we can offer is a thanks that words cannot describe (but we will try our hardest to put it in words). Just know that everything you contribute is saving lives and helping people become better when all they know is sickness.
If we do not hit the full amount that we need, we will split what we get at the same percentages listed above. 58% will go to patients, 25% will go to legal fees and 16% will go to helping revive the clinic.
The Impact

Dr. John is fighting for the right to give patients a personalized cancer treatment in a world where options for health treatments are becoming more and more controlled. In the end, it is YOUR right to decide how you take care of your health.

Our fight is valuable to the world because it is a harsh reality that our loved ones get diagnosed with illness every day. Wouldn't you like the right to decide what form of care could work for them?
We have had many patients extend their lives because of our treatments.
Your help with this fight could help change the way the world treats disease from the standard fear based reactive system to a system of hope and proactive care.

Other Ways You Can Help

Reach out to your local news crews and let them know our story. We are willing to talk to anyone
Please share this on social media get the word out there using the share tools provided by Indiegogo.
Write us a support letter and we will put it on our sight at

Please help us.

Your support means more to us and our patients than you know.

How you can help

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