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Today is World Day against Child Labor

While soccer fever kicks off and celebrations are in full swing to launch the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, our attention also falls on the children around the world forced into labor. Today, June 12 also marks the World Day against Child Labor, which focuses on the plight of over 200 million children working globally. This year, World Day against Child Labor draws attention to the role of social protection in keeping children out of child labor and raising awareness to prevent it.

Global Exchange's Fair Trade program works to promote Fair Trade and finding solutions to end child and forced labor and trafficking in the cocoa industry.Our current Ghirardelli campaign is a way to ensure that no child works instead of going to school and that farmers and communities get a fair price.

Ghirardelli chocolate claims to make premium chocolate by carefully selecting cocoa beans of the highest quality, but real quality should not come at the cost of environmental destruction, poverty and bitter child labor. Global Exchange demands Ghirardelli label its chocolate as certified Fair Trade!

Support our campaign by pitching in $5-$10 to keep the pressure on Ghirardelli!


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