Amy Davis
Amy Davis campaign leader

So I began this campaign with the initial idea of merely raising awareness- but if I can meet my goal, I am hoping to combine all of the photos (unless people specify that they don't want to be a part of it) and create a collage, sell it, and give the proceeds over to help the cause.

I'm an artist, and I remember back in early 2005 when I was being interviewed for a summer program and was asked what I thought of the tsunami, and, perhaps more importantly, how I could represent that in my work. My response was simple- create a work that drove home the situation to those who didn't see the destruction themselves. This is a bit different, though: I want to drive home the point that there are people who support what the protesters are doing, that support their right to free speech, peaceful demonstrations, and all of the rights those of us living in a democracy all too often take for granted.

If created, I would sell the finished piece- probably at auction- with 100% going to Amnesty International. There's no sense just keeping people's support in the digital world only. Who knows, maybe the protesters in Thailand will eventually get to see the support.

One more thing: If you don't feel comfortable showing your identity, you can always place your hand over your face in the photograph. I understand it is a bit difficult for a lot of people to post pictures of themselves to the public- especially when it is clearly political.

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