A Victory for Virunga!

Breaking News:SOCO International plc announced it will abandon its controversial oil exploration in Africa's Virunga National Park, a key part of the home range for more than half of the world's endangered mountain gorillas and a vital natural resource to hundreds of thousands of people.

Not only did the London-listed oil company commit to pulling out of Virunga, but it went one step further: It has committed to staying out of all other World Heritage sites.

It's with great pride and relief for the people and wildlife of Virunga National Park that I'm writing to you directly from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa to say: we did it!

You helped us make this happen, and we cannot be more grateful. From petitioning SOCO to encouraging leaders in the US Congress to stand up and protect Virunga National Park, you've continued to speak out for what's right.

Thank you for believing in this campaign and taking action to make a difference.

This victory is being celebrated around the world. And it is being met with well-deserved joy and hope by many of the people I am with in Africa. We are grateful for your continued activism and the leadership and efforts of the US State Department and members of Congress on this issue.

Because of you, Virunga is saved from oil exploration that was already under way. 

Please remember this victory when obstacles seem insurmountable and know we will keep on fighting together to protect our planet.

Thank you for remaining a loyal activist,

Allard Blom

Managing Director, Congo Basin

World Wildlife Fund


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