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Stopping the epidemic, preventing tragedy: Day Two

Wow, what a first day! Thanks for taking the time to sign and share this petition. Your amazing response shows that this is an idea whose time has come.

This petition has already accomplished one of its main goals, because you are thinking about the connection between shootings and publicity, and are linked to a larger group of people who also want to help save lives by promoting responsible reporting.

News outlets have begun to read the writing on the wall. Anderson Cooper, Megyn Kelly, and 60 Minutes have made it an ongoing policy to stop naming shooters.

The Sun News Network and President Obama have pledged to leave killers nameless on occasion.

Author of Columbine, writer, and TV analyst Dave Cullen, Canada’s The Globe and Mail’s Elizabeth Renzetti, and English broadcaster Charlie Brooker (with video) have each proposed guidelines to limit shooter exposure.

This movement has the first hints of momentum . But to make a difference, responsible reporting must become the rule, not the exception.

To help get this done, I’ve set a new signature goal that will mark a huge milestone in changing the face of journalism ethics and preventing future tragedies: 2500 signatures.

To achieve this, make sure everyone you can reach has heard about this issue and is spreading this petition. Only a few of your friends may see your shared facebook link. Instead, message, email or text: “spread the word: http://petition.ungenda.com”.

If you have a connection to any media outlets, blogs, or public figures, make sure they know about public concern for this emerging, nonpartisan issue.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, as I write this, the Portland shooter remains anonymous.

Today is the day to make a point to local and national media that we don’t want to hear his name. Without being insensitive to those still in shock, make your point (and link to the petition) through public comments on stories, and by contacting news outlets directly.

Have a great Wednesday, and thanks for making history.

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