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Yesterday's crucial meeting with UK investigators

Friends, our voices are being heard. 

After your petitions and widespread public outrage over the unacceptable treatment of LGBT asylum-seekers in the UK, Home Office Secretary Theresa May ordered a thorough investigation. As part of the process, multiple asylum-seekers had a meeting with the head official in charge of the investigation!

Yesterday, a team of independent investigators met with Aderonke and a dozen other women seeking asylum. 

Each had the opportunity to speak about the harmful and undignified treatment they experienced at the hands of the unreformed immigration systems. 

The inspectors took detailed notes and agreed to include these stories and concerns in their report, expected to be released in September.

During the meeting, Aderonke presented the over 300,000 petition signatures calling on Theresa May to halt deportations until the investigation is complete and reforms are enacted

She told him we demand no LGBT asylum is deported just so we have a fair application of the review. No asylum-seeker should be expelled under a system that is admittedly flawed and failing to adequately address LGBT cases. 

When the signatures were given to him, the inspector said he would not take them because it might come across as if the review is taking sides with us. He promised to send us a contact we could send them to at the Home Office. 

Since, our partners at AllOut have delivered the over 300,000 people signed petitions calling for a halt. 

Now, it is time for Theresa May to act. 

Also, don't miss this powerful new article about Aderonke and our campaign published in the Independent newspaper the morning of our meeting.

Let's keep up the great work! Invite your friends.


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