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***WORLD Elder Abuse Awareness Day- June 15th, 2014***

  • ***Hand In Hand***WORLDWIDE We STAND AGAINST ALL Elder Abuse & Neglect Across The Entire Land!!***World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15th, 2014. Please Wear Purple and spread the word. We are the Elderly's Voices and must be heard. All Elder's should be treated with dignity and respect. We are here for all of you. PLEASE GET INVOLVED! http://www.helpage.org/blogs/jemma-stovell-22620/ada-for-rights-campaign-update-713/ On 15 June on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, campaigners in over 40 countries are getting ready for the Age Demands Action (ADA) for Rights campaign.
  • The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day will be observed on Sunday- June 15, 2014 part of an effort to raise awareness of abuse, neglect and exploitation of seniors.


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