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Site closing end of June - urgent need to relocate these rabbits to safety!

update -  28 out Still large number remain.

150 rabbit rescue in Martinez- Site closing end of June - urgent need to relocate these rabbits to safety


The Rabbit Haven is coordinating rescue for a large scale rescue site in Martinez, Ca –There are males, females s/n and many babies.  These rabbits were left behind when a family had a house fire and were forced out.  The family moved into a RV and they did stay nearby and came back to feed and water. However, breeding due to the lack of s/n occurred then the site became a dumping ground for other unwanted rabbits as well.   A group of 10 quickly exploded to 150+ in a few months.

We were asked to help with this rabbit rescue on 5-15. We went in on 5-18 to restructure the site, build temp enclosures, secure the rabbits and Sep by sex, Spay neuter of course and begin provision of vet care, housing support and good nutrition. Now they have to leave this temp site and there is no other triage space for this large number. We have a volunteer network that is providing the day to day care. 

 Local rescues and shelter are far too overwhelmed to manage this large scale of rabbits. Even major rescues nearby are not able to help at all as they are brimming full.  We will need rescue support to get these rabbits out.  Your rescue ideas and referral to other places who can fit in 1 or 2 will be appreciated. 

If the problem was not bad enough, now the space is literally going to be destroyed –the construction crews need to take down a large part of the building.  They have already moved in equipment and at this point we have lost ¼ of the space we were using for this rescue triage space.   We have moved out as many as possible and now we need to ask for your help to move the rest.  We need rescue groups to take in perhaps two each – We will transport and have already had adults s/n -- Can you offer shelter to at least one bunny from this group?

We only  have until the end of the month though, so we need to get these rabbits moved to rescue ASAP.   They are beautiful, gold and white, brown eyes bunnies of all sizes some lops.  They really are quite adoptable by any standard. Some of the rabbits still have some urine staining on them, but they do not have any illness present.  The few that do have any injury we will keep here for treatment and care. Most all of these rabbits are also social. They are now learning to use a litter box. 

Please help us help these rabbits.  Call me if you can take even one or two into your rescue –The Rabbit Haven will arrange transport to all areas of California and to neighboring States.  Time is of the essence.   Call right away please 831 600-7479

Take a look at the rabbits-then let me know if you will help.  We need to get these rabbit s out.  Together we  can work this out.  Thank you rescue community

Love, Auntie Heather the Rabbit Haven – 831 600-7479 OR CELL 831 239-7119   Office hours 11 am to 8PM M-F Sat /Sunday  12-8 (EXCEPT ON SHOW WEEKENDS.


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