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Join us in London to help end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

NoToDogMeat campaigns on behalf of the UK Charity 1154524 World Protection for dogs and cats in the meat trade.

We can not stand by at the thought of another year when thousands of dogs will be slaughtered in the most in- humane way for food at the Chinese " festival " in Yulin.

On  March 9th we will be outside the Chinese Embassy in London and the BBC, getting petitions signed and standing  by activists in China.

Can you join us?

Can you help deliver protest letters this week to your embassies?

You can find addresses on our website: http://www.notodogmeat.com

Please support our work. Please help us say NoToFoodTortureCulture



No action is too small for the dogs and cat begging for their lives


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