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I'm going to write another story about another dog affected by this 'man'
After speaking to a lovely girl named Samantha doran about her dog kobi, his story pulled on my heart strings
Kobi was purchased by a father for his daughter Samantha doran's 16th birthday after she had seen Kevin knox's ad in the ad trader, she chose a beautiful toy poodle, after ringing Kevin he offered to drop the dog off for them for a extra £50 as Samantha's father was disabled, The Puppy arrived in the back of a cold, dark van. He chucked the puppy at samantha and said there's your puppy pet. They invited him in and the puppy seemed fine. His Coat was a bit of a mess but looked healthy. Later on that night kobi got really unwell and had diorrhea all night with blood in. Started vomiting and was almost dead by morning he wouldn't move was as if he was paralysed, they then rushed him straight to the vets, the vets told them he wouldn't make it and rushed him up to WESTWAYS with an Iv in. They went to see him that night and where informed that he was Infact only 4 weeks old, not wormed or flea treated as described as he was riddled!! All his papers were fake and he was not a toy poodle but a Heinz 57! He had gastroenteritis, phnemonia, skin condition, suspected parvo virus (high levels in blood tests). He stayed in for 2 weeks (costing us a fortune) then they got him home and 6 weeks later his back legs gave way on him. He was rushed in again with patella knee. He Had to have a major leg operation on his back leg. It Wasn't successful so he was back in a week later for another operation. He's is now awaiting an operation now for the other knee

We need this stopped now!
Justice for kobi, poppy and all the other pups


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