John Kent
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Here's the deal - I'm ex air force - I know if the political leadership
is not smart enough to recognize the country has to support all
of it's LOYAL military team members in the most common sense means possible - then the military team members are not going to function in the highest method possible, period!

What does this mean? Members of military will not even attempt to complete any mission assigned to them, figuring who gives a s--t! Look at Ben Ghazi - military did not support the 4 civilians (3 ex military) who were slaughtered - Think about military morale, why should anybody in the military do anything they are supposed to do? Don't think for a moment this is not factored into a military member's thinking!

If people are in harm's way and don't think they are going to be supported in every way possible - why even attempt to perform a mission or to fulfill something leadership wants completed? Take this 1 step further and why even pay attention to any superior? How many leaders in the Vietnam got fragged? Why?

Take all of this another step forward. President and attorney general do not follow the rule of law - meaning they only enforce the laws of the country they want to - why should anybody in the country follow the rules? Country's leadership is initiating very dangerous precedents and could be the cause of complete chaos.

People seeing what country's leadership is doing will cause many consequences - intended or otherwise - and could lead the USA into complete chaos. Maybe this is what the intent is.

I'm sure many other people in the USA are considering some of this. Look at the illegal immigrent situation. Many of them, who get into trouble with traffic violations, etc. don't have a license, insurance or even have legally registered vehicles.

Many times, the police just issue citations and the immigrents, who get away with giving phony addresses and names, of course, never show up to court.

What happens to the legitimate citizen? Troubles!


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