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This matters a lot to me because I am a single mother and a Disabled Veteran that recently were homeless with my daughter until I turned my life over to the Lord. When we were homeless we did not have anyone to turn to, the government was not helping and felt hopeless until I turned to God for help. Please read the following to understand.
Matthew 6:33 - But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
This is very true. If you turn your life over to the Lord, ask for forgiveness, hand up to God all your worries and troubles, and have faith in him, he will provide for you.
As a single parent myself, and gone through many struggles over the last year, I gave my life over to the Lord and he had full filled his promises to me when I handed up all my worries and struggles to him.
Last year my daughter and I were homeless and lost my job. While I was waiting for my Military Disability to come through, I could not understand why God was putting us through this situation and why it was taking so long to get my disability. During my time homeless, I realized that God had a plan for us but he wanted to test my faith first to see if I will believe in him and hand all my worries to him. Even through I kept questioning God, loosing my faith, I never gave up. This January, GOD showed us how awesome he is and his great love for us. He finally helped get my disability approved and got us into our own apartment. He made me realize that no matter how bad things are, or think we should give up that if we have patients, read the bible everyday, and pray he will provide for all of our needs.
I have a saying that helps me everyday to keep on believing and grow in my Christian faith that since he never gave up on me I did not give up on him.
I now say "NEVER GIVE UP BECAUSE HE NEVER GAVE UP ON ME!" Which he never did and keeps his promises. GOD Bless.

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